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Wireframing on Sketch just got easier
(well… even easier)

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Tired to wireframe from scratch every single time?

Say hello to Focus! This smart and adaptive Sketch kit was designed just for you, to make your designer’s life easier. Focus uses Sketch's latest features to help you focus on what really matters: your UX approach.

Let's check what's under the hood


The "Molecules" page contains every text styles, from heads and paragraphs to color styles and borders (including input symbols, icons and images).

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Here you'll find every components you could need to build your pages: menu, footer, forms, modals, texts and image cards. Each of these is built with color and layer styles and symbols according to your branding and color.

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This section of Focus contains every symbol used in our kit. You can freely rearrange or edit them, but we strongly recommend you to keep them as it is (to keep the kit consistent). Do not hesitate to create your own symbols though!

Save time and energy

  1. Google Font
  2. Notes Locked
  3. User Guide
  4. Material Design Icon
  5. Layers Renamed
  6. Atomic Design System
  7. No Plugins Required
  8. Well Organization
  9. Bootstrap Grid